Building a sampling distribution

Grab a deck of cards for yourself and a partner. We’re going to estimate the mean “value” of the deck.

Aces will be worth 1, facecards worth 11, and numbered cards will be worth their number.

Draw a card, record its value, place it back in the deck. Repeat until you have 10 draws. Average your values.

Getting a sense of the distribution

  • Who thinks they have a good estimate?
  • What is the actual value?
  • Let’s build our distribution
  • What can we tell from the distribution?

Editing the distribution

Draw what you think the distribution would look like it:

  • We had each drawn 20 cards instead of 10?
  • We had each drawn 5 cards instead of 10?
  • The class had 100 people in it?
  • The class had 5 people in it?