Aug 29, 2018


  • Find a stranger
    • Name
    • Major
    • An interest
    • Something you’re good at

More Introductions

  • Find a new pair of strangers
  • Introduce your new friend to them

More About Those Things You’re Good At…

  • Let’s make a list

The Course Website

  • Haiku
    • Check it out

Modeling Disease: SIR

The populations: - S - susceptible - I - infected - R - recovered

The Setup

  • We start with 7 Infected, everyone else is susceptible
    • keep your identity secret!
  • We’ll mingle, then find a partner.
  • Pairs play rock paper scissors.
    • S/I: If the sick person wins, the susceptible become infected. The susceptible write down the day they became infected.
      • S/S: Nothing
      • I/I: Nothing
  • Starting on day 3, infected will recover. (e.g. if you started infected, you recover after 3 days, etc.)

The Setup

  • Record each day and your state each day!
  • I’ll record results at the end